Door Locks-Keyless or Keypad – What’s Best for Your Space

keyless door lock

This is a Unican combination lock

Trilogy keyless locks

lock with a combination access and key override and Keypad and proximity reader


 Keyless Locks are more about security, but convenience plays a big roll in our choices.

This is the site that will help you make a choice when it comes to your entry door and how you want to access your business or home. There are many choices available and most are very user friendly once they have been installed by a professional lock installer and programmed to meet your needs. In the following posts we aim to help you decide what your needs are and how to solve them with a new keyless lock.

We have been installing doors and locks for 22 years and are very familiar with all the options for you to choose. We can help you decide what is the best keyless lock for your home or office. 

Some of the choices are a lock with a keypad on it and also a key override in case you forget your code.

Next there are locks with keypads and fob or card readers. These are very popular in office buildings and medical offices because of the need to limit access to the normal public. This type of lock is usually on the doors leading from the lobby into patient controlled areas and private offices that are not available for your customers or patients. These three types are the most common ones available.

Options for Keyless Door Locks

I will go into more detail on the options of each type of lock and how best to use them.

combination lock with proximity reader

Proximity lock



keyless lock

The picture above are two of the more common locks that you will see on many offices.


The Unican combination lock is a mechanical lock that is accessed by entering a code in any sequence that allows the lock to be activated for entry into the building. It does not require any batteries or electricity to function. These are very low maintenance and quite popular in military facilities. One of the big drawbacks of these locks are it is not possible to track who enters your building with an audit trail. It is also not very easy to change the combinations.

The Trilogy locks have batteries in them that power the keypad or proximity reader. These can have the access codes changed quite easily on the keypad or with a computer connection that allows you to delete a user or change their access code simply on your laptop. They also keep an audit trail of time and dates of all individuals who use the lock to enter your building or home. These are very popular for offices that want to have their employees to be able to enter the building before it is open to the public or during non business hours. Proximity readers are quite popular for this lock as it allows the user to access the opening mode of the lock by simply getting close enough for the reader to read the proximity card from your wallet or purse without removing it from your purse or wallet. This is very convenient when you are carrying a lot of office work and can’t push the buttons on a keypad or get a key or card out of your pock or purse.

Keypad lock

Keypad lock








As with any new means of entering your building there will be a learning curve, mainly for the person who is designated as the administrator of the system. Be sure to read through the instructions until you are very familiar with the procedures required to initiate the access program with your staff or residents. Be patient as it make take a little trial and error to work out the bugs and user issues. In the end it will be well worth it and save you a lot of time in the future.

There are quite a few manufacturers that have a similar models with the same options. Your local commercial hardware distributor will be able to give you some additional options. Also be sure to consult with a professional installer.



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